Architectural Services

OPD Architectural Consultant have been lucky enough to design places that people call their home, dream office or their favorite spot. Our Architectural services in OPD:

Design Modern and Luxury Villa

Planning the most modern luxury villa in Dubai is always a challenge for us to show all our inspirations and abilities.
Patio, solarium, garden and the swimming pool, Indoor or outdoor, are an inescapable fixture of any modern and luxury villa.
Luxury villas are also a nest, an escape from stress and a return to nature, and that’s why they must have breathtaking views and glimpses.

Residential Building

Regardless of the scale of projects, we like to get involved in projects that can stand out. Sustainability is in the heart of our designs however we are firm believers that being environmentally friendly does not mean that the projects cannot be luxurious. We design fancy and luxurious designs with any style from classical to contemporary and futuristic.

The residential towers and villas that we design are based on being able to use modern technologies and constantly get upgraded with features. Home automation and self-sustainable sources of energy are regularly featured in our designs as we believe that the children of today must live in environments that can nurture the future generations.

Commercial Building

Our own design studios can be a decent example of the kind of working environments we believe in. Its not of importance the style of the office if its corporate, of a special nature or a creative environment. With regards to the demands of the client, we create an office space that we could function in ourselves.

For us its all about the vibe and the philosophy of everything in there. We believe in transparency in our own firm therefore we try to replicate that feel in our works.

Designing in one of the most luxurious cities in the world we are not short of fancy ideas as we have designed offices and commercial buildings in some of the most expensive parts of the world.

High-Rise and Tower Construction

We have designed sky scrapers that stand tall in places such as Business Bay Dubai, home to over 200 completed sky scrapers. We view our projects as vertical cities, our designs are with a view of harvesting as much resources as possible and at the same time must have the beauty of a fully functioning and a happy city.

Efficiency and being in line with the site of the project is very important to us therefore we study the feasibility of the project from an environmental to an urban perspective before engaging in any project.

We have the experience of designing mixed used developments.

Warehouse Design

Designing a warehouse layout can be a complex process due to the various factors involved. This process includes strategically planning a facility layout that can properly utilize the space available, facilitate the smooth functioning of operations, and increase efficiency.

Designing a practical warehouse layout is a crucial process as it has a direct impact on the efficiency and productivity. In OPD we’re able to do the best designing for your warehouse.

Showroom Design

Showrooms are where we can let all the creativity out. We have a number of fancy showrooms in our cv such as Bugatti and McLaren showrooms, for such projects we tried to design something that does justice to the brand and the design of the products.

Of course we have to abide the standards and the requirements of the brands but we are confident of matching the standards of the best designers in the world and create a showroom that can live up to the standards of the brands and the products being sold there.

Industrial Designing

Our team has an engineering core and like old school designers are well versed engineers. We are capable of designing industrial locations and factories working on a few projects at the moment.

We believe in revolutionizing the concepts and work on ideas that can complement the cause of the working space. We believe futuristic products and fancy brands need factories based on innovation and modernity.

Furniture Design

We started designing furniture when clients such as Bugatti and McLaren asked us to give them a furniture design that is on the same level as their car interiors. We design furniture for all kinds of projects and applications and believe that this can give us an edge as we can completely tailor make the project.

Industrial Design

Our design board is a number of adults as enthusiastic as children!

We imagine what we would like to see around us and design them. We have done a number of super high-tech product designs that were of a very complicated nature because of the mechanical components.

This part of our service is as personal as it gets as we would just love to take a product and transform it with a concept to new levels.


We have been involved in a number of large scale projects where the landscape has been in the heart of the design and of high importance and projects that have needed VIP entrances and landscapes leading up to the project.


Transforming anything is a challenge we love. Transforming a yacht to a luxury experience and re-designing or completely designing a new yacht according to the needs of the client is one of our expertise.

Apartment Morphing

We have a completely different and unique approach to this morphing apartments in a way we have never seen anywhere else before eliminating many of the drawbacks of a normal project. Efficiency is key but staying true to design and luxury is not a sacrifice we are willing to make.

Home Automation Services

We have a number of technologic partners who allow us to take our designs to new levels with the help of home automation. It is efficient, it is luxurious but most important of all is that it is the future. We believe very soon all projects should have such features and always try to make them more stream.

Our designs are all very compatible with such upgrades and are always forward looking and easy to upgrade. Our R&D team puts a huge effort in finding the right technologies and partners and find new ideas that could be integrated and implemented in projects.


We have a team of experts that can provide architectural, mechanical, technologic and environmental consultancy. We can advise on how to reduce carbon footprints, make projects zero energy, technologies that can be used in projects and of course on the project itself from a business and artistic perspective.

We can create business plans and proposals on what the client can invest on and the type of project that would be feasible to work on depending on their site, budget and vision. We look at each site as something that needs to become a landmark and a feasible investment for the client. However, it still needs to be a work of art that we can be proud of.

Interior Design

We take interior projects where we can let all our creativity out. From high end showrooms to mansions and hotels that are not limited by budget, we design the interiors as well as furniture and other necessary materials unique for the project. No two projects are the same and the service we give to each client is exclusive and one of a kind.

We work on projects where we are allowed to create an identity for the project without any limitation and make sure there is nothing and never will anything be like it.

Urban Design

We believe in new concepts for future cities and we believe we need to implement them from a small to a large scale.

Client Representation

We can represent clients in project and supervise the projects in such a way that the implementation does justice to the design and protect the client financially.

Master Developing

We have the capability to design and work on master development of lands. This means to create the concept, regulations, designs, etc.