About OPD Architectural Consultant


Oasis Prince Design Group was founded in 2006 by Architect Amir Akhlaghi. OPD is a studio for sustainable architecture, futuristic concepts, unique designs and urbanism. Since then Amir and the team have focused on working on projects internationally where we can direct the project in line with our philosophy and add a unique value to. OPD is the pioneer in what we call a 3 layer designs in the visual layer, context layer and a tech compatibility layer. 

OPD 3 Layers Signature Diesign

The UAE where we are headquartered has been home to more crane towers than anywhere else in the world in the past few decades. A hub for technologic advancements and modern projects, it does not always pay respect to the culture and the climate of the region.

At OPD our signature designs consider not just the visual layer of the project but also the context, the culture of the occupants, the climate and the soul of the land. Further to the context layer all our projects are environmentally friendly and compatible with sustainable energy solutions and new technologies. At OPD no 2 designs are the same but the principles of 3-layer design are ever present.


Our company is established with the philosophy of sustainable designs. The nature of our designs are efficient and sustainable in line with the nature and environment of the project. From a practice perspective our environmental engineers and consultants along with our other specialist design teams work hand in hand with our architects to tailor make a project for the user and the site.

Our projects are strategically directed by our think tank. Our think tank develops bespoke strategies to drive our environmental agenda and at the same time have integrated designs as per the needs of the project and the client.

In our firm we believe in transparency and designing responsibly as if every project is our own and is competing in a challenge event. We thrive on challenges and have always tried to opt for unique projects where we can add a special value to the project and have our signature ideas implemented.


Our vision is to design today for the future generations through 3-layer, sustainable and efficient designs.


Our mission is to come up with unique designs that suit the site and the client and regardless of the size of the project make them standout. Sustainability is in the heart of our designs by designing in a way that the project is empowered by the nature and using state of the art technologies.


As well as having an in-house team of environmental experts, we work with some of the best technology providers in the world to make the projects sustainable. We audit all our projects against global standards and commit to design sustainable projects in a way that it is financially feasible for the client and at the same time is environmentally friendly significantly reducing water and energy waste.


We have international offices for Design, Sustainability, consultancy and R&D with a small but smart team of passionate and enthusiastic people with diverse backgrounds. Our team is versatile and forward thinking not afraid of coming up with bold ideas and designs.


Ali VahabPour CEO / Partner

Ali Vahabpour is the Managing Director & Partner of OPD Architectural Consultant, a Design studio headquartered in the UAE. Ali received his BSCE from IAU and gained his professional engineering license in the UAE and Middle East. He is PMP certified and a fellow member of UAE Society of Engineers providing end to end industry centric solutions for governments and real estate developers across the

Ali has over 25 years of international experience in the UAE & Middle East. Ali is responsible for the technical performance and the overall growth of OPD by setting strategic goals, business roadmaps, identifying areas of technical innovation and ensuring implementation of designs are as committed as the design process.

Ali is managing the Dubai office, contributing to OPD’s reputation of being one of the most reliable, dynamic and successful consultancies in UAE. Ali has been responsible for the design to completion of over 10 million square foot of building projects across the Middle East, many of them showcasing innovative engineering solutions.

Ali spearheads the execution and strategic direction of the company providing it’s diverse range of services across multiple sectors.

Amir Akhlaghi Founder & Design Board Chairman

Seasoned designer active in the industry for over 20 years. He has done projects for some of the leading companies in the world through the years such as Bugatti, McLaren, Al Habtoor Motors, Adamas Consultants, Artica Consultants, Hassani Group Of Companies, etc.
He started OPD in 2006 as a small studio of smart people with the marketing strategy through the years being transparent with clients and a professional approach which has worked very well for so far.
He looks at his designs like a piece of art and only put his signatures on unique projects that he can add value to.

Amir has a sustainable approach for all projects which have included through the years from high rise buildings, mixed use apartments, urban design, master plans, landscape design, luxury villas, luxury showrooms, furniture, product & industrial design. Amir has a reputation for transforming projects with flaws and doing projects on very difficult plots with lots of requirements and challenges.

Amir not only does all the concept designs but also treats projects like his own and ensures excellence and quality until the project is built and ready to use. Amir makes final decision on all strategic matters but is very democratic in his approach and treats everyone’s opinion as valuable and equal.

Amir is a family man who spends most of his time with his wife and twin sons. He is very fond of art, poetry and sports and engages in these activities on a regular basis. He plays football, badminton, table tennis and brought a foosball table to the studio which has proved very popular and productive for the creative team. He has a good sense of humor and is a team player who loves to pass on his experience to the younger generation. Amir is also very practical and has designed and built many of the elements of the studio himself.

Amir is also a university professor since 2007 and provides job opportunities to his top students at the firm.

Design has been a passion of mine for as long as I remember. Founding OPD provided me with the foundation not just to design and bring ideas into life but for a responsible design. I feel it is a duty to design responsibly considering the environment, the people, the culture and the climate of the land. As a boutique firm we pride ourselves not just with our long list of clients and friends trusting us with high profile projects and investments but with conscious designs that has a view towards tomorrow with our young and passionate team.