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Bugatti Showroom

Service : Interior Design
Project : Showroom

In the Bugatti Showroom project, the challenge was to do justice to the most expensive, the most luxurious and the fastest car on the earth. A VIP feel and an exclusive atmosphere is an understatement of what is required in such a project. With a challenging site in the most luxurious city in the world, we came up with a design and ideas such as the brand wall hiding the pillars that stayed true to the philosophy of the brand and had everything required in the showroom. The regulations were surpassed and the result was a special showroom for a special car. The showroom although very beautiful however does not take the attention away from the real deal which is the car itself. The project was proposed by a number of high profile companies but they all failed to meet the specifications and regulations on the site but at the same time provide a nice design. This is the biggest Bugatti Showroom in the world.

Client : Al Habtoor Motors & Bugatti
Location : Dubai, UAE
Project Size : 3,400 Sq Ft.
Estimated Cost : 2 Million AED




Project Start
Construction Start
Project Completion